Fine Art - The Aleatory and the Inflation of Ideas

Bioptical Art - Liviu Iliescu

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Several ideas, largely stated and recorded by art critics, are presented by the author, who colourfully discusses them.

The aleatory condition of the artist before and during transposing it in an abstract composition is pointed out. It sometimes occurs following an impulse and for want of means of expression, its com- munication channels are narrowed.

The conclusion may be drawn by studying the numerous styles which appeared in the 20th century. Their essence may be unravelled, recombined and amplified by the optical techniques suggested. As a result, compositions are transferred to new spaces and are saved from eclecticism or mannerism.

To illustrate this, the author resumes the Ovals subject of Mondrian, in his composition  Enclosure with converted matter (Reproduction R8 and detail DR8). The title is accounted for by the fact that inside the oval, the colour fluctuates between blue and yellow with nacreous hues. The colours seem to get detached from the background, being dematerialized by bioptical perception.