Fine Art and Bioptical Experiments
Bioptical Experiments and Some Anthropological Reflections

Bioptical Art - Liviu Iliescu

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The author states some observations resulting from his investigations on binocular vision in painting and sculpture. His conclusions are pointed out to specialists, to be examined and taken into account as suggestions, if they are not refuted.

While attempting to transpose several styles of modern art into bioptical compositions, the author faces several questions:

–Why do artists give up generous ideas after a few years since their occurrence?

–Is this accounted for only by aspiration for originality?

–Why does the intensity of the emotional response get lower?

In his endeavour to answer these questions, the author concludes that among motivations necessities have pride of place. An inductive trajectory might be: necessity, satiety, usefulness. The following statements conducive to postulates are made:

–Necessity followed by satiety occurs in cycles;

–Primary necessity (resulting from unconditioned reflexes) has a higher frequency (it occurs more often in time);

–The acquired necessity has a lower frequency. It may even become aperiodic, if it is more remote from primary necessity.