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Fig. SB8b

Figure SB8 (a) and (b).

Fields (Fs) and (Fd) are placed on a vertical, for several reasons, to be explained in the following lines. In the device made of two relatively small mirrors (G1) and (G2), placed periscope-like in front of the right eye, there occurs a visual superposition of field (Fd) on field (Fs), which is viewed with a naked eye. In this way, the effects described beforehand may appear. The broken axis X-Y is superimposed on the axis of eye zz, resulting in a virtual extension Z'Z', in convergence with the axis ww of the left eye.

The device with the mirrors (G1) and (G2) is called "bioptical device" and it is described in my book and site in connection with figures 4 and 33.

For compositions, I have designed and achieved a device placed on the mobile arm of a stand. The device has three peep windows through which one may look (figure SB8 (b))*

*The device was executed at S.C.IOR.S.A., thanks to the kind permission granted by Director General eng. Eugen Niculescu and engineer Ioan Radu.

The middle peep-hole allows to observe field (Fd) through the pair of mirrors. When viewing with the naked left eye, while the right eye looks through the mirror-endowed window, images overlap, with the described effects. When looking with the left eye through the mirror-endowed window, while the right eye is naked, there occur reversals in the bioptical effects such as: reversal of the space (antispace) and modification of the colour perspective. Blue comes closer to the viewer and red gets farther.

People interested may construct manually a simplified bioptical device, based on figures 4 and 33 of the site. With it they may observe bioptical effects from the illustrations reproduced in the book and in the site, namely R1 to R10.

By placing the simplified bioptical device in front of the left eye, reverted bioptical effects are produced, as those described above.

The bioptical device permits explorations of the inner world. It is also a means of communication among people, imparting not yet experienced sensations. It is like a "rocket" exploring the inner world, to see the so-called METAVIRTUAL IMAGES.

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