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Figure SB4

Starting with figure SB4, I specify which are the bioptical modalities. These involve stereoscopic effects accompanied by stimuli (lines and colours) which substantially increase expressive possibilities by means of painting and sculpture. Figure SB4 illustrates the reversal of fields (Fs) and (Fd) as a first modality suggested by me for use in painting and sculpture. Points (Cd) and (Cs) form a 3-D image of the pyramid, which is fundamentally different from the plotting in perspective. Point (C) appears at a distance from the dotted line. It is known that by reverting stereoparous photos in the stereoscope there appears a senseless image. The ordering of these points, resulting in 3-D reversals, may be rationalized to get special sensations. The "Bioptical Art" aims at creating compositions which enable the reversal of fields (Fs)(Fd), account being taken of the sensorial acceptance. I have called this antispace-generating effect plastic antispace.

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